Interschool Sports: Basketball

It was a boiling hot day. The girls basketball team were now onto our first match, we had been going all day at the gym. We were going so well the scores were then 4-0, but as the heat grew our score started to dwell and Oatlands were ahead of us. Our team had some awesome players who scored terrific goals.

It was a really sizzling afternoon. Soon after our energy was on track the our score began to arise, as the heat rose wildly unfortunately the opposition were just to good so they were winning by 2 points. There were 50 seconds on the timer, the girls team strikingly scored a goal through the hoop. The score were then really close they were only 2 points above, if only we could’ve won 1 more goal. The time flew past at the end of the  breathtaking match, although Oatlands ended up winning by just 4 points, which lead to a close game. It was disappointing to know that we lost. At the end of the day we had a lot of fun even though we got thrashed by Oatlands. Well that was a fail!

by Chevrolet and Jessica

Interschool Sports: Rounders A

The sweat ran down our faces we could feel the pressure in our body’s it felt like 50 degrees. The whole team already knew it was going to be a close match. The game was about to finish then I realised we were in front by miles. I stopped worrying the next thing I know the game is over. In the end the scores were.

I could see it was all op to me, the scores were 6-8. I hit the ball as hard as I could but second base caught the ball and I was out it was over. We lost by 2 points everyone thought it was over but I told them it’s not.

The rounders team were all ready to field. Brentwood were batting really well and they managed to get a score of 5. Witch would be hard to beat. It was our turn to bat. We all did really well. Then it was all up to Tai. Tai hit the ball in the air. He ran and just made it to first base. It was a draw. 5 all.

by Zak, Tai and Jesse

Interschool Sports: Boys Basketball

We started off with a perfect goal from Dylan to start the match against Berwick Primary. When the match went on we were falling behind big time. As the match was coming to an end we started to get some more goals, but the end we lost by 11 points.

The interesting parts of the day was when we were vs.  Berwick Lodge, Dylan from half court and only just missed the ring. Another interesting moment was when Dylan shot the ball with four nerve-racking seconds left to catch up, but by the end of game we lost by 30 points. 4-34.

The best player last week on Friday had to be Dylan. He got most of our points. Dylan helped us get the ball down the court. Dylan stopped the ball getting down their end and getting points on the board. The funniest part was when Josh ( Liam ) went sliding down the court.

Berwick played very good that day. They had won every game they played. The best game they played was against Beacon Hills. It was a very close game. They finished Berwick 14- Beacon Hills 10. Berwick finished 1st, Beacon Hills 2nd, Us equal 5th and Berwick Lodge Last.

We both enjoyed!

by Luke, Liam and Josh

Interschool Sports: Softball B

As I am standing on third base hopping to get  a home run , my heart was pounding with sweet running down my forehead this is it I have to get home. The next thing I know I am running for the team, as Mrs Brown screams YOU’RE OUT! As our last player steps up to the base he goes for a swing he hits it as hard as he can.

Without looking back he runs to first base but little did he know he had a hit a great FOUL! BUMMER! As he swings again he makes it to first base and the whole team is screaming and cheering for him. We were so surprised we had won our first match for the day!

We are on our way to our next game. We were so nevus we wanted to win so bad! As our first batter Meg swing and got to first base in style but with pain she had slipped and couldn’t play our next game. But we still managed to win!

by Lara, Bethany and Caitlin

Interschool Sports: Volleystars

The A team for Vollystars, Us the Berwick Fields team were neck to neck against the Berwick Primary. Only 2 points separated us from the sweet taste of victory, and then our hope slowly deflated as they scored 1 point putting them ahead. Our grins slowly turned into conniptions. We had lost, failed, it was sad but did that stop us, kind of considering we lost the rest of the games but two.

Our First win was awesomely great. We were down by eight until it was someone elses turn to step up and score. Her name was Kelly. With her skills we won the match. Our cheers of joy rang through the gym, but she was not the only one great player on our team. some of the brilliant players were Britney, Harrison and Many. There catches were awesome and there throws were wicked but we also had a secret move by Jacob called the pound. Jacob would throw the ball in the air and if in slow motion the would smash it down just over the net.

Wabam. Once in a while one of us would get a smack in the face with the ball. Ouch. Seriously painful, some of the many injury’s our team suffered were plenty of falls, grazes and a nose bleed that didn’t even happen in the game. It seemed like every 5 minutes someone would fall over when catching the ball.

We had fun when we were playing against the 7 schools. In reality we were not really stars.

by Sarah, Amber and Kelly

Interschool Sports: Cricket Report

The ball hit the bat, bounced right off, and flew beyond the boundary lines. Berwick Primary had just scored a six. Another one! At this point in the first game we were getting thrashed-not that we got any better as time went on. But there was still encouragement all around. Some of our team were still learning to play cricket but we were all great at cheering on! In the end the score was Berwick Primary: 160 runs and us: 85. Yea, not so great. What hope did we have? Sure we wanted to win….BUT COULD WE?

After the first games thrashing it was highly doubtful that e be able to get back. Everyone as feeling down but we still hadn’t lost our urge to win. Our next opposition as Oatlands. After a sweaty match in which the sun was beginning to really come out the scores were 125 runs to 105. Yes, we lost again…sadly! Although we had lost two games we had already improved immensely!

There was one good thing about our next opposition-we had already thrashed them in our practice match. It was Berwick Lodge! However they too beat us 105 runs to 85. Maybe we were a bit depressed then but our determination was still there. There was still one more game though and this time we were determined to win…somehow!

It was the final game. We all wanted to win this one! And guess what…WE ACTUALLY DID IT! We won against our opposition Brentwood Park. It was a good end to our lightning premiership!

Malinthi, Shaun and Zenia

Interschool Sports: Rounders B

Waiting in the line very still hoping that l will not make the same mistake l did the past week. l was the 9th batter at that time my hands were dripping  all because of swat .It was my turn to smash the  ball. I smashed the ball really had and managed to get everyone home while the other team raced for the ball .After that run we won the game .

We won the game with only  three runs how awesome was that. After the game Leroy did a front flip on the home base and everyone was jumping up and down in excitement .Out of all the team we versed Berwick lodge was the hardest team .They were a lot of great players in our team. B Team won three and lost three and A team won three  , one draw and lost two.

by Ivory and Jarryd

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Grade 6’s – Last term at a class meeting we started talking about transition. What are you most looking forward to about year seven? What are you worried about? What would you like to know more about? Do you have any questions, or things you’d like to ask and don’t want to ask in front of others?

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