Camp Podcasts and Vodcasts

After returning from camp, we focused our writing attention on preparing a recount of camp that we could then record for a podcast (audio recording) or vodcast (video recording). This was our first time learning to use this technology and we struck a few problems, which provided us with new learning experiences (we can learn a lot from our mistakes!)

All of our work has now been posted to the blog, and the list below is a summary of what you can see. Click on the links to be taken to the recording or video. Enjoy!



jesse’s recount

On Monday I did not go to camp so I had  line up at Miss Gibbs class. Then Miss Ferguson came and let us in to put our bags away. We had Miss Ferguson for the morning.

Miss Ferguson took us to garden to do some jobs for her. First we picked up waterbeds and put them where the teacher told us to put them Then we got a wheel barrow nd put dirt in it. When we did we drove the wheel barrow to the waterbeds and used the suvel to dig the dirt out and put  it in the waterbeds.

On Tuesday Miss Ryan came and taught us some facts about music. Then she asked questions and we had to answer the questions . After that there was a boy team and a girl team and she asked us questions and we had to click a casternet and then answer the questions. The boys team won. It was 10 to 11. The commpotition was about music and the game was interesting.

On Thursday we did sport with Mr Quirk and an other teacher. We got to choose anything from the gym that we wanted to do. I played basketball with Oshan, then I played footy with Ryan and then I got a thing like a mini skateboared with wheels and orode on it.

On Friday I skipped school to see my dad and help move in. While my mum and dad where getting some stuff I went on the computer and played games on it. After that I played a bit of basketball inside and that aws fun. Then I watched a little bit of tv.

The last thing is that I had a great week and my week was full of stuff to do every day. Out of everything skipping school so I could see my dad and help him move in was the best thing of the whole week.