Timetable and Learning Agenda for Week 4

In week four we will be continuing to explore our Crime inquiry unit. We will be using the evidence we uncovered last week and putting it together into a credible argument as to who we think the culprit is. This will also draw on the persuasive writing skills we have started to develop. The culprit will be revealed on Friday!

In Maths we are continuing our work on place value and Number, as well as starting to look at the area of Space. Space includes shapes, lines, angles and mapping. Our focus in English will continue to be persuasive writing, as well as beginning to develop deeper comprehension and questioning skills when reading.

You can read about our other regular, weekly focuses here.

Other events this week include the Student Leaders ‘Sailability’ excursion on Wednesday, and the ‘Getting Acquainted’ interviews, also Wednesday.


Timetable and Learning Agenda for Week 3

This week in the 5/6 Unit we will be starting our first Inquiry Unit on ‘Identity and Crime’. We will be using a crime scene to explore concepts surrounding identity including who we are and how we are identified. Through our inquiry lessons, students will be developing their reading and writing skills, more specifically locating information and creating arguments using evidence sourced from a variety of locations. We will also be exploring maths and science skills.

In Maths, students are working in ability groups to develop their understanding of place value when working with numbers. At the end of grade six, students should be able to:

  • comprehend the size and order of small numbers (to thousandths) and large numbers (to millions).
  • model integers (positive and negative whole numbers and zero), common fractions and decimals.
  • place integers, decimals and common fractions on a number line. (from VELS, Mathematics, Level 4)

This is a jump from recognising and working with numbers from tens of thousands to hundredths at the end of grade four.

Our current English focus is on persuasive writing. Students will be using their work in the identity topic to help learn about persuasive writing, by forumulating an argument based on evidence to argue who committed the crime in our topic.

As well as these topics this week, we also have our regular staples. These include

We are quickly flying through term one, and there is now only three weeks until camp! Have you paid yet? Also don’t forget to book your time for a ‘Getting Acquainted’ Interview on Wednesday, 23 February.