In Come the Dollars, In Come the Cents

In come the dollars, in come the cents;
To replace the pounds and the shillings and the pence.
Be prepared folks when the coins begin to mix;
On the 14th of February 1966.

Today in class, as a part of our Inquiry topic, we watched the 1918 episode of the story My Place. We completed a venn diagram to help us identify similarities and differences between 1918 and 2011. One of the differences we noticed was the currency they used in 1918 Australia; they kept referring to pounds and pence.

This led us to a discussion about currencies around the world and the changeover to decimal currency in 1966. The video below featured on television at the time informing people about the conversion to dollars and cents.

Below are some of the banknotes and coins that were used in Australia prior to 1966 – a sixpence coin and ten shilling note. How do they differ from our notes and coins today? You can see more examples of pre-decimal currency here.

Do you think it was a good thing to change to using the dollar?

What persuasive arguments does the video use to try and convince us that it is a good change to make?

Starting our Inquiry at My Place

We are very excited as today we are going to be starting to investigate our new inquiry topic! To give us a bit of information and engage us in the topic, we are going to explore the ‘My Place’ website.

myplaceMy Place began as a picture book written by author Nadia Wheatley. In 2009 the ABC made the book into a television series. The second series is about the be released.

Our task today is to explore the website and use the information contained on the site to fill in a fact file. While doing this task, we are learning to (WALT):

  • Develop research skills when exploring a website
  • Explore a range of decades
  • Read carefully
  • Get interested and excited about our new Inquiry topic
  • Work with others and decide how you will go about the task
  • Stay on task

What is the most interesting thing you found on the website?