Action Fractions Game

In the game Action Fractions, you can practise adding and subtracting fractions.

The race starts off more simply adding fractions with like denominators, but becomes harder after round two when you have to add fractions with different denominators, and then subtract. Click on the image below to give it a go and let us know how you find it!


Today in class, some groups also worked on learning/revising the process for multiplying fractions. We used this video to work independently and help us with the concept. You can watch it below for revision.

Practise your factors with X-Factor!

Last week we began to look at factors in maths. Some of us found this easy, but it is not a tricky concept to get and requires quite a bit of practise. Here is a great game I have found to help us revise our factors for different numbers. It is called ‘X-Factor‘.


To play ‘X-Factor‘, you first need to select the level you would like to play from the menu at the top (see the picture below). The picture above is the ’12’ level. The aim is to shoot the ball in your cannon at the factor which pairs with the one in your cannon to make the level number. For example, in the 12 level the 3 in the cannon needs to be shot at a number 4 as 3×4=12.


Let us know what score you get in a comment below!