Maths Map: Learning Maths with Google Maps

Fly down Gwendoline Drive and count the number of bins out for collection. What percentage are recycling bins?

These are the sorts of questions we were answering in Maths this morning. No, we didn’t all suddenly get our pilot’s license! We were using Google Maps to help consolidate our understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and worded maths problems.

This morning we had a look at a Maths Map, which is a Google Map containing a large range of maths questions. Not only did we have to work out what the question was asking us to do, but we had to use the maps to find the answer to the problem. Some of them required us to look at street maps, others satellite maps and some even fly around in Street View. Here’s an example:


All of our maths questions were on streets around our school. It really helped us to put maths into context and use it to solve real problems. Rather than just colouring in fractions on a worksheet or doing a page of sums, we had to find the information to solve the problem. We also got to have fun doing it in a creative way. Some of the reflections students made on the activity include:


There were different levels of questions to choose from, so students were able to challenge themselves with more difficult tasks. Some reflected that they didn’t feel there was enough challenges, so we shall look at extending this part of the maths map. Everyone was really excited by the task though and enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to have another go! It is amazing that the students were able to use the maths knowledge and content they learn in class and apply it to actual problems, and help see how it is useful to them.

Make sure you check out our maths map (it’s under the Games menu at the top of the blog). Some of the students extended themselves by creating their own questions which we are adding to the map. Can you think of some more questions for us to solve? Post them in a comment (without the answer) and we will add them to our map!