News from 56C – Episode 1

We are now at that hectic time of the year with writing reports and completing assessments and because of that, it has been more than a week since we updated our blog. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work though!

During the week Luke and Kelly have been busy investigating and preparing the first episode of our new weekly vodcast, temporarily titled ‘News from 56C’. Together they brainstormed a large list of ideas for the episode, wrote up a script and filmed it themselves. What a fantastic effort for our first ever attempt! In this week’s episode, you can find out about:

As Kelly suggested, we are looking for a name for our vodcast. Do you have any ideas? Do you have any other feedback about our first episode?

Monday surprise!

You would have noticed something new in the school yard this morning. It is the beginning of our new library, ICT lab and television studio. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

On Friday afternoon, we set up a time lapse camera as a test to record the building being put in to place. Have a look and see what it captured! It was my first time using this technology so unfortunatley the angle isn’t great, but it was a good learning experience.