News from 56C – Episode 2

A big thanks go out to Josh and Zenia for putting together this week’s edition of News from 56C. In this episode you can find out about Interschool Sports against Brentwood Park, an update on the performing arts centre, information about our new inquiry topic and what we have been learning in maths. Make sure you leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

News from 56C – Episode 1

We are now at that hectic time of the year with writing reports and completing assessments and because of that, it has been more than a week since we updated our blog. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work though!

During the week Luke and Kelly have been busy investigating and preparing the first episode of our new weekly vodcast, temporarily titled ‘News from 56C’. Together they brainstormed a large list of ideas for the episode, wrote up a script and filmed it themselves. What a fantastic effort for our first ever attempt! In this week’s episode, you can find out about:

As Kelly suggested, we are looking for a name for our vodcast. Do you have any ideas? Do you have any other feedback about our first episode?

Interschool Sports vs Berwick Grammar

On Friday we played our first round of Interschool Sports against Berwick Grammar School. Lucky the weather held off all morning and we got to play in relatively dry conditions!

Our footy and netball teams had some success, winning their games. Soccer and T-Ball weren’t so lucky this time around, but have certainly taken back some lessons to practise. Kickball didn’t get a run against Berwick Grammar, but are looking forward to playing their first game against Brentwood Park next week.

Interschool Sports Notices


Yesterday students took home a notice about the upcoming Winter Interschool Sports next term. We will be playing five games this season, along with the Lightning Premiership at the start of term three.

  • Friday 13th May vs Berwick Primary @ Berwick Primary
  • Friday 27th May – BYE
  • Friday 3rd June vs Brentwood Park Primary  @ Brentwood
  • Friday 10th June vs Berwick Lodge Primary @ Home
  • Friday 17th June vs Beaconhills Berwick Campus @ Beaconhills
  • Friday 24th June vs Oatlands Primary  @ Home
  • Wednesday 20th July – Lightning Premiership – All of the above schools and Maramba Primary at Beaconhills and Sweeney Reserve.

You can download the notices below.