Inquiry – What we know before beginning

Today we were introduced to our new inquiry topic, where will be exploring history and the 20th Century. As a start, to explore what we already knew, we each brainstormed a list of ten important things we thought happened in the 20th Century. When we were finished, all of our ideas were put together into this word cloud. The larger a word is in a word cloud, the more people that suggested the idea.

wordle_before_smallerAt the end of the topic we will complete a similar task and have a look at which events then feature prominently on the list. Some of the items in this word cloud, such as hair styles and fashions, were influenced by our look at the My Place website last week.

News from 56C – Episode 2

A big thanks go out to Josh and Zenia for putting together this week’s edition of News from 56C. In this episode you can find out about Interschool Sports against Brentwood Park, an update on the performing arts centre, information about our new inquiry topic and what we have been learning in maths. Make sure you leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

Starting our Inquiry at My Place

We are very excited as today we are going to be starting to investigate our new inquiry topic! To give us a bit of information and engage us in the topic, we are going to explore the ‘My Place’ website.

myplaceMy Place began as a picture book written by author Nadia Wheatley. In 2009 the ABC made the book into a television series. The second series is about the be released.

Our task today is to explore the website and use the information contained on the site to fill in a fact file. While doing this task, we are learning to (WALT):

  • Develop research skills when exploring a website
  • Explore a range of decades
  • Read carefully
  • Get interested and excited about our new Inquiry topic
  • Work with others and decide how you will go about the task
  • Stay on task

What is the most interesting thing you found on the website?