Global Children’s Challenge


Last Thursday, our class began participating in the Global Children’s Challenge (GCC). The GCC is a worldwide event where students from around the globe are encouraged to become more fit and physically active as a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Every student has been issued with a pedometer and over the next 50 days we will be recording the number of steps we have taken as a class and entering them in to the GCC website. Throughout the challenge, we will be virtually visiting and learning about different countries around the world. Our progress can be tracked using our special 56C login to the GCC website, and we will be recording our steps in a Google Doc. As well as learning about history and geography, we will be revising a lot of maths as we use our totals to revisit place value, four operations, fractions and averages.

If you would like more information you can check out the GCC website, or download the information notice here.