Excursion Reminders

Just a reminder that this Wednesday, 21st September is Grade 5/6 excursion day. As a conclusion to our history inquiry unit, students will be heading off to either Sovereign Hill, Melbourne City and Museum or Berwick.

For each excursion, students will need to bring their snack and lunch in labelled, fully disposable plastic bags (one each for snack and lunch) and a drink bottle. They also need to wear full school uniform, their hat and appropriate footwear for walking around. Students travelling to the city and museum should not bring a backpack as there is nowhere to store them when entering the museum.

Below is some specific information about times for each excursion.

SOVEREIGN HILL – Students going to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat will need to meet at school by 7:30am. They will spend time walking around the outdoor museum and participating in the school programs role play. Don’t forget that Ballarat is often 4˚ cooler than Melbourne, so dress appropriately! The bus will return to school around 5:30pm.

CITY / MUSEUM – Students travelling to the city will need to be at school by 9am to travel to the Museum. Students will spend time in the museum and walking around the CBD. Do not bring a backpack to the city, as there is no where to store it and it can’t go in to the museum. The bus will return back to the school by 3pm.

BERWICK – Students will leave Berwick Fields at 9am and be taken by bus to Berwick Main Street where they will be led on a guided tour of the historical buildings located in and around the Main Street of Berwick and explore the way Berwick has developed over time. Students will walk to Wilson Botanic Park for lunch before being bussed back to school by 3pm.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Excursions Notice

Today students will be bringing home a notice about this term’s grade 5/6 excursions.

excursionsThis term we are offering excursions a little bit differently. As is outlined in the note, there are three different excursions to choose from and will be offered on a first in, first choice situation. Please ensure your note is returned as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!