Edublog Awards 2011

This year 56C has been very lucky to be nominated for not just one, but two Edublog Awards. These awards feature blogs and online technologies from all around the world and showcase what is going on in different classrooms.

edublogs-nominated-bestclassblog edublogs-nominated-bestuseofaudio

The two nominations were for ‘Best Class Blog‘ and ‘Best audio/video podcast‘. What a great comment on the work we have been doing in the classroom, especially the podcast which is all the students work!

You can help us out now by voting for us to win in both of these categories. You can vote by visiting the Edublog Awards site and clicking on ‘vote here‘. There is only one vote allowed per day, but voting does not close until December 14 so you can vote every day until then! There is also only one vote per IP address (computer) per day. You may like to encourage friends and relatives to vote as well.

Thanks for your ongoing support!