Starting our Inquiry at My Place

We are very excited as today we are going to be starting to investigate our new inquiry topic! To give us a bit of information and engage us in the topic, we are going to explore the ‘My Place’ website.

myplaceMy Place began as a picture book written by author Nadia Wheatley. In 2009 the ABC made the book into a television series. The second series is about the be released.

Our task today is to explore the website and use the information contained on the site to fill in a fact file. While doing this task, we are learning to (WALT):

  • Develop research skills when exploring a website
  • Explore a range of decades
  • Read carefully
  • Get interested and excited about our new Inquiry topic
  • Work with others and decide how you will go about the task
  • Stay on task

What is the most interesting thing you found on the website?