Homework – Weeks 5, 6 and 7, Term 4


For the next three weeks, students have decided they would like to do another book review for homework. In class today we have created the criteria for this task.

As a part of the book review, students will need to select a book and then complete a wide range of activities exploring the book in more detail. It is important to remember to select a book that you think is appropriate for you – no point picking something too easy.

Book Recommendations

extThis week, I finished reading the second book in the Extinction series, Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion, that has just been released by author Lizze Wilcock. Well, actually, I started and finished it in one day, even though it took me until 2am, because once I finished I couldn’t put it down.

The series is about eight chosen children who need to try and defeat the evil Rufus Keller and prevent the extinction of the human race. Right up until the last chapters it has you gripped in to what the outcome will be. If you like action and adventure stories then you will love this book. It is set in the modern day and the main characters are the same age as you all – you could just imagine yourself in their place.

Below is a trailer for the series that may help to get you hooked some more.

What great books have you read that others might enjoy as well?

Post your homework book reviews here as well.