More on Angles

While you are working independently this morning, you may like to use this site to help you with remembering about angles.


Here are some handy tips for working with a protractor:

Angles are measured using a protractor. You can guess the rough size of an angle by looking to see if it’s acute or obtuse, but you’ll need a protractor for a precise measurement.

Here’s how to use a protractor to measure an angle:

  • Line up the protractor so the ‘cross hair’ is exactly on the angle.
  • Line up one of the lines with the 0 line on the protractor.
  • See which numbers the angle comes between. If it is between 30 and 40, the angle must be thirty something degrees.
Diagram showing angles on a protractor

Count the small degrees up from 30. In this example, the angle is 35°.

When you’re done, you may like to give these two activities a go as well. The first game requires you to make the angles in order to make targets.

This second game, Roboidz, will take a long time to load but is worth the wait! You may like to open it in a new browser tab and complete another activity while you wait. Click on the picture below to launch the game.


Angles Golf

Here is a game you can use to practise recognising angles. You will need to click on the image below to open the game, because it has some extremely irritating music that plays when you open the page. So long as you put the computer on mute it is a great game!

Remember to look at the compass guide at the top to know which direction you are hitting in.