Our class blog has many purposes. We want to share. Communicate. Create. Have fun! Many of us have been doing this already. Here are a few guidelines to help us along with the rest of our blogging journey, to ensure that we remain safe and learn at the same time.

  1. Only use your first name when blogging. Remember, anyone can read the world wide web. It is important that we do not give away any other information about ourselves.
  2. All comments on the blog are approved before posting. This assures that people we do not know do not post things that we do not want to see. It also ensures you are following our blogging guidelines. If you see something that doesn’t belong, let me know straight away!
  3. Be friendly, supportive and polite. Just like in the classroom. Start your comments with ‘Dear’ and end with ‘Regards’ or ‘From’. Congratulate people on the things they have done well.
  4. Writing online is still writing. You still need to use capital letters, full stops and write in full sentences (no txt tlk thnx m8!). Please check and proofread your spelling before posting – sloppy work will not be approved. It is OK to make one or two mistakes, but make sure you have put in the effort.
  5. Post your work to the blog, not that of someone else. The blog is not a place to copy and paste large slabs of text or photos from other websites. We would love for you to share what you have found, but tell us about it in your own words and then link to the site you are describing (you may include a picture to get us interested and engaged). Copying and pasting without permission is stealing the hard work of someone else.
  6. Share, share share! Share your thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear what you think. Share congratulations and encouragements. Share what you find (just don’t copy it though, as above).
  7. Have fun! We have some guidelines, but working online is also fun. Don’t let these guidelines prevent you from continuing the great posting and commenting you have already been doing.

Remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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