Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

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Remember to read the instructions for each activity as you work through them. Also don’t forget to ask for help as you need it!

Before attempting this section, you should feel confident in:

After completing this unit, you should be able to confidently:

  • multiply and divide fractions with common and different denominators
  • multiply fractions by a whole number
  • find part of a whole number (ie, 3/5 of 20)
Introduction / Tuning In
Why do we need to use fractions? (V) (E)
Watch this video to see why we need to learn fractions.

Think about it (W)
What are the different terms we can use when talking about multiplication and division? Make a list for each term. For example, multiplication can be times, groups of etc.

Activities xxxx – Teaching Unit (U) (W)
This unit on the Ultranet contains examples, instructions and tasks abut how to multiply and divide fractions, starting with the basics.

Video Explanation: How to multiply and divide fractions (V)
This demonstration video shows you the steps for adding and subtracting fractions.

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions – Practise (W)
After watching the video above, print out this task sheet to practise the skill of multiplying and dividing fractions.

Multiplying Fractions – Practise (W) (G)
Have a go at solving some fractions multiplication problems.

Dividing Fractions – Practise (W) (G)
The same as the activity above, but with division. Also includes an explanation!

Finding Fractions of a Whole Number (W) (G)
This activity explains how to find fractions of a whole number (ie, 3/5 of 20)

Conclusion Problems with Fractions (W)
Check out this recipe for ANZAC Biscuits from the SAKG blog. Use it to answer these questions.

  1. I wish to make 8 sets of biscuits. How much caster sugar, desiccated coconut and plain flour will I need?
  2. If I wished to only make half a batch of biscuits, how much plain flour would I need?

Problems with Fractions II (W)

clipart_transport_465Imagine you are on a bus with 40 people (that includes you!). Find answers for the following.

  1. 1/2 of the people are female. How many is this?
  2. 2/5 of the people have brown hair. How many is this?
  3. 2/8 of the people are wearing shorts. How many people is this?
  4. 3/10 of the people are over 20 years old. How many is this?
  5. CHALLENGE: 3/10 of the males on the bus have a name with four letters. How many people is this?
  6. SUPER CHALLENGE: Of the letters that make up those names, 2/3 of the letters are consonants. How many consonants is this?

Mathletics (M) (G)
Complete the following Mathletics Tasks. Remember to use the big ? button on the side if you need help!

  • Fractions – Divide and Multiply > Multiplying Fractions
  • Fractions – Divide and Multiply > Fractions of an Amount
  • Fractions – Divide and Multiply > Dividing Fractions
  • Fractions – Divide and Multiply > Fraction by whole number


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