Equivalents and Simplifying Fractions

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Remember to read the instructions for each activity as you work through them. Also don’t forget to ask for help as you need it!

Before attempting this section, you should feel confident in:

  • knowing how to read a fraction
  • knowing the meaning of numerator and denominator
  • being able to recognize 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 as fractions

After completing this unit, you should be able to confidently:

  • recognize the size of fractions
  • recognize equivalent fractions
  • be able to simplify fractions
  • turn mixed numbers into improper fractions, and vice versa
Introduction / Tuning In
Why do we need to use fractions? (V) (E)
Watch this video to see why we need to learn fractions.

Think about it (W)
What fractions can you find that are the same as:

  • One Half (1/2)
  • Two Thirds (2/3)
  • Six Eighths (6/8

Remember to think of more than just the first answer. You might like to use this fraction wall or modelling tools such as fraction pizzas in the classroom to help you!

Activities Fractions Dolphin Racing Game (G) (W)
Have a go at this game to ensure you are able to identify which fractions are largest.

Ordering Fractions (U) (W)
Revise ordering fractions and placing them on a number line. Will also lead into introducing the concepts of simplifying fractions.

Fractions Frenzy – Equivalent Fractions Game (G) (W)
Match up the fractions with their equivalents. Race against the clock to see how quickly you can complete the tasks.

Fractions – Teaching Unit (U) (W)
This unit on the Ultranet contains examples, instructions and tasks that show how to simplify fractions and find their equivalents. Remember to work though each piece step by step.

Video Explanation: How to simplify fractions (V)
This demonstration video shows you how to simplify fractions and find equivalents.

Melvin’s Make a Match Game (G)
Match up pairs of equivalent fractions.

Fraction Models – Larger than a Whole (E)
Use this tool to find different ways to write fractions that are larger than a whole.

Fruit Shoot (G) (W)
Practise finding the lowest common denominator in this fruit shooting game. Contains different levels to provide challenge for everyone. Snowball Fight is another very similar game to this.

Conclusion Tony’s Pizza Shop (G) (W)
This game is a challenge! Have a go at working in Tony’s Pizza Shop and see if you can solve the problems. Remember to be persistent.
Mathletics (M) (G)
Complete the following Mathletics Tasks. Remember to use the big ? button on the side if you need help!

  • Fractions – Simplify and Equivalent – Any activities from here.


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