Lukes nervous night at the pruduction!

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I’m so nervous I hope  I don’t stuff up my lines when I’m talking on stage in front of a big packed audience staring at me. Ohh  no now I have to go on stage with this stupid captain hat on that doesn’t even fit my head and that it would only fit a 2 year old. YES I’m so happy now that I have finished this act without stuffing up my lines but Ijust remembered that my parents are coming tomorrow night to watch me so I hope I won’t stuff up my lines.Now I have to go back to the change rooms to get changed into my finale costume. Now that all the acts have finished we all have to go back to the theater for the finale with the song party rock anthem every day I’m shufflin.


Jesse’s awesome words of destruction

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It’s the first day of Production. I am so nervous about my first act. I am excited. I is my first production. I hope I don’t stuff up. I really want this to be good. Oh no. Our act is next. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I think it will be.Some people around me look excited and some look nervous. I am shaking. I think once our act is finished I won’t be as nervous. As I here the other act going on I’m thinking about what it will be like up on stage in front of everyone. I see the lights slowly going to blackout as I realise it is our act.

Sarah’s fantastic expirence

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It’s the first production today, and I have already been on stage for the opening number, the school and even Tipperary. But now we are up to the Wright brother Transport factory. I am meant trow era green flowered pants and a white shirt but I accidentally got into my black pants and black vest, so I changed back. When I got onto the stage we forgot to get the banana from Kelly, so we had to do without it.
As soon as we got onto the stage to set up what we needed for the production, Kelly was starting her Bert lines, and it was really hard to set up, because of where we were, it was pitch black, as black as cowl. When the lights came back on us the spotlight was really light and I mean really light. After I said my Transport lines we all went over to the corner non the stage, but we were playing with the pipes. I think we were trying to build a steering weal. But that’s just my perspective.

The superb Party

The superb party!

The huge cake was right in front of my sister Divnoor and her presents were all around her. My brother said to Divnoor that what is your heart saying to you now, she answered that I’m feeling like my Birthday Party is going to be that best party ever.

The cake smelt great. And tasted great too. The ingredient were Icing Cream, Choco chips , Chocolate flavour and a lot of things more.

FANTASTIC Production!!!

As I got my props from backstage and I walked behind the wings, I could feel a nerv rushing through my body. My stomach felt like it was about to burst but I still had excitement running trough my head. My mouth was as dry as anything I tryed to swallow but i could’nt I was as thirsty as anything. I  took a deep breath and said to my self it’s going to be okay. It was now ready to see the next act. I could hear the addience turning the page of he program ready to see the next act. I put my prop on stage when the blackout appeared on the stage. Finaly the colourful bright lights appeared on the back drop. I was now ready. I walked on stage I could see the addience suprisinaly enjoying our spectacular porformance. As I was on stage I could smell the yummy food been eaten it made my tummy rumble. At last the act had finished! I felt relived to have gone out on stage and be as confident as I could and to have remembered all my lines.Once it was up to the next act it felt like the adience had just seen a very exciting performace.

Bert Newton First Lines!

Bert Newtons First Lines!

I waited in the darkness of the off prompt for the opening number to end. I can`t believe it’s our first night already! The excitement and anxiousness that I was feeling were so strong I couldn’t tell one from the other. The deep breathes I took did little to help this. I scanned the stage with my eyes and I saw the joyful and smiling faces of the people singing. Smile, I thought to myself. Make sure you smile when you’re out there. I had been giving myself pep talks in the past few minutes to make sure I could, no would do everything I could do to perfect my lines. The song was coming to an end so I took more deep breathes and ran through my lines…again. Then black out. My eyes widened. It was my turn to get on the stage. I walked some rushed and crowded steps to reach my destination which was the right side of the stage. I waited for the lights. By then I had a million worries going through my mind but I tried to block them out and focus on what I was about to say and do. The last words I said before the spotlight found me was just have fun. Everything will be fine, just have fun! I took a deep breath… then another. Then I spoke the words I had spent weeks trying to memorise
“Hello, I’m Bert Newton…”
As I walked back off stage I felt ready for the rest of then nights acts. I couldn’t wait!

By Kelly

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Jarryd`s Production Destruction

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It was the first night everyone was so excited to perform on stage. The curtains opened and everybody was staring at us and then everyone started to sing. After we sang it was time for the acts. Number 50 was 5/6A doing wizard of oz. About 24 acts later it was time for a 10 to 20 minute break. During the break you could hear and smell things like crunching on choc tops, lollies and even munching on chips and shapes backstage. After the next 25 acts it was time for the finale. During the finale we had to shuffle to Party Rock Anthem. The production was alright and after it i think everyone was really tired but it looked like everybody was having fun. Now we only have to do it again two more times.

56’s awesome prodution!

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As I walked on stage for the first time, I had butterfly’s in my stomach. It was so nerve racking!As I looked around to see all my friends chatting away, I felt like this production was going to be easy. But when the curtains open and when I could see the audience staring at me, my mind changed this wasn’t going to be easy this was going to be extremely hard! With all the lights flashing at me I new it was going to be a long night.!

Shaun’s Production

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I knew it was time for  me to perform.  I took everything that I needed and got ready. My time had come to preform and I’m feeling nervous after all that there was 160 people going to watch me and see what I’m going to perform. I said to myself and quietly to be confident and to make the audience entertained. A couple of minutes later I got a understanding of how to make the audience entertained. And I think I should get a pat on the back for keeping the audience entertained and  to make the audience laugh. I so proud of myself of what I achieved  and for next time when I do production or something I will exactly realise what to do and how to do!

Thanks for reading this bye

Best Production ever

Production 013 (Large)

Oh My Gosh ! I’m all tingly in side after those skits I’m going try my best shuffling ever

I think I’m really good at doing shuffling and dancing at all that.

Everyone love my shuffling and all the skits i did. i really wish we could do it for longer.

 my parents and all my brothers and sister were so proud of me as i was proud of my self.