Interschool Sports: Rounders A

The sweat ran down our faces we could feel the pressure in our body’s it felt like 50 degrees. The whole team already knew it was going to be a close match. The game was about to finish then I realised we were in front by miles. I stopped worrying the next thing I know the game is over. In the end the scores were.

I could see it was all op to me, the scores were 6-8. I hit the ball as hard as I could but second base caught the ball and I was out it was over. We lost by 2 points everyone thought it was over but I told them it’s not.

The rounders team were all ready to field. Brentwood were batting really well and they managed to get a score of 5. Witch would be hard to beat. It was our turn to bat. We all did really well. Then it was all up to Tai. Tai hit the ball in the air. He ran and just made it to first base. It was a draw. 5 all.

by Zak, Tai and Jesse

Best Production ever

Production 013 (Large)

Oh My Gosh ! I’m all tingly in side after those skits I’m going try my best shuffling ever

I think I’m really good at doing shuffling and dancing at all that.

Everyone love my shuffling and all the skits i did. i really wish we could do it for longer.

 my parents and all my brothers and sister were so proud of me as i was proud of my self. 


Luke’s and Tai’s Prezi on Baseball

Our inqiury topic we are doing on Prezi is Baseball in the 1900’s to the 1920’s. Me and Tai have been working really hard on this for over 4 weeks and we have put a lot of effort into our information on our prezi. We hope you will enjoy our Baseball presentation by Luke and Tai.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

On Friday, we continued our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. We started looking at how we could find the percentage of something when we had an amount that was more than or less than 100. To help us, we took to the school car park.

We found a row of 20 cars, and from this row were were able to work out some fraction, decimal and percentage amounts of the colours of the cars. Here is some of our work. We recorded it on the footpath so everyone could see.

20110624_maths 001 (Large)

20110624_maths 004 (Large)

To help you further practise matching fraction, decimal and percentage pairs, why not try out this game from the BBC’s fractions, decimals and percentages collection (there are more games and instructions if you follow the link!)

Fielders of the Week


Congratulations to the following people who received Fielder of the Week awards at today’s assembly!

  • Malinthi for the outstanding enthusiasm you show at all times in class. I love how you look engaged, share your ideas, ask questions and always persist with tasks. Keep up the fantastic work!
  • Tai for the enthusiasm and effort you have been putting in to your learning over the past few weeks.  I have been so impressed with your fantastic attitude!
  • Ryan for being such a great mate to everyone in grade 5/6 at Berwick Fields! You sure know how to get along and 56C will miss you!

KEA Cup Premiers

Today (and on Wednesday) Tai, Luke, Liam and Zenia went to represent our school in the KEA Netball Competition held as St Margarets School in Berwick. After a gruelling ten games, their mixed team won the Grand Final against St Margarets! Congratulations to these four, and the rest of their team, who are now the area Premiers!

20110506_netball 001 (Large)

Tai’s Recount Writing

On Monday the 7th of March we got to cave hill creek in beafort. I got the top bunk of course.

On Tuesday i did the orienteering with Liam G. We did it in thirty minutes and figue the sentences. We also had bike riding, it was the best activity. I was at the back because i am one of the best riders. One person had a massive stack she was centimetres from strangling herself on the fences. Which gave us all a shock.

On Wendseday i did the bouldering wall i did the whole ting without falling off it was tricky very long and you had to wait for te next person to finish. In the afternoon i did the 10km walk to glut it was long ,tiring and at the end i was excouted.

On Thursday i did sport time but it was raining so that was no good. I also did Canoeing and Abselling. At canoeing i went with Zak,you use a ore to move the boat. At Abselling I went first it was awesome when it came to the crack.

On Friday i did the bouldering wall again i also did the bike ride at advnce level i did the track in 8-9min so did Bailey H, Jake D, Shahab F and Mr campbell.

My favourite thing was bike riding because it was awesome ,exciting and exsillarating.