Interschool Sports: Cricket Report

The ball hit the bat, bounced right off, and flew beyond the boundary lines. Berwick Primary had just scored a six. Another one! At this point in the first game we were getting thrashed-not that we got any better as time went on. But there was still encouragement all around. Some of our team were still learning to play cricket but we were all great at cheering on! In the end the score was Berwick Primary: 160 runs and us: 85. Yea, not so great. What hope did we have? Sure we wanted to win….BUT COULD WE?

After the first games thrashing it was highly doubtful that e be able to get back. Everyone as feeling down but we still hadn’t lost our urge to win. Our next opposition as Oatlands. After a sweaty match in which the sun was beginning to really come out the scores were 125 runs to 105. Yes, we lost again…sadly! Although we had lost two games we had already improved immensely!

There was one good thing about our next opposition-we had already thrashed them in our practice match. It was Berwick Lodge! However they too beat us 105 runs to 85. Maybe we were a bit depressed then but our determination was still there. There was still one more game though and this time we were determined to win…somehow!

It was the final game. We all wanted to win this one! And guess what…WE ACTUALLY DID IT! We won against our opposition Brentwood Park. It was a good end to our lightning premiership!

Malinthi, Shaun and Zenia

Shaun’s Production

2011-09-13 001 424 (Large)

I knew it was time for  me to perform.  I took everything that I needed and got ready. My time had come to preform and I’m feeling nervous after all that there was 160 people going to watch me and see what I’m going to perform. I said to myself and quietly to be confident and to make the audience entertained. A couple of minutes later I got a understanding of how to make the audience entertained. And I think I should get a pat on the back for keeping the audience entertained and  to make the audience laugh. I so proud of myself of what I achieved  and for next time when I do production or something I will exactly realise what to do and how to do!

Thanks for reading this bye


Last week we headed off to cave hill creek. For five days. Once we reached the teachers started forcing us kids to keep our bags in the cabin quickly. After we had all done that we had we all got a quick tour of cave hill creek from a person named Tim. To tell you cave hill creek is in Beaufort Ballarat. So that’s how things were till the night time. What we did in the night time was go for walk around the forest to see if anybody could see any wildlife in the forest. Then we suddenly slept after that long walk.

The next day  was Tuesday. We woke up brushed our teeth and got ready for breakfast. We had pancakes and maple syrup. As we sleep and get up each day  the teachers come and insepct each cabin and tent and that’s what happened to me and my tent partner too. On the other day was Wednesday my first activity was Abseling. After completion of that activity . After completion of that activity it had started growing darker so then i slept till te morning arrived. How i got there was  by walking. And boy to tell you it seemed to be like a 2km. Once we got to our destination we were told that  everybody had to wear a helmet and a harness and only then are you allowed  to do Abseling. After all that talking  we walked up  very slippery rock. And i slippped and i sort of hurt myself  but i was still able to do Abseling . Once we reached our destination Jarryd and ryan took the challange of going down the rock first and second. After those two it was my turn to go down. It was very very very scary. I hit myself like four hundred times on the rock. So it seems may i do not want to do that again.

On Thursday i had completed another activity which was bike riding. I had enjoyed that most of all my days in camp. After that it started to grow darker  and then i slept and waited till the next day.

On Friday we had to make our cabin spotless  and to pack everything back into our bags and the teachers had to do a big n the cabins if it was spotless.

After all that we got to choose what activity we wanted to do. My favourite activites were the bike riding and the bouldering wall.   I like these activities because its things i like to do.

I really enjoyed what i did and i hope i do it again.

Coats of Arms

Over the past week we have been working on our fantastic Coats of Arms that highlight some things that make us unique. How great do they look all together!

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Fielders of the Week


Congratulations to our Fielders of the Week for the past three weeks, Deon, Shaun and Kelly.Our value focus for this fortnight was confidence.

20110222_assembly 002 (Large)

  • Shaun and Deon for the confidence you have shown settling in to Berwick Fields this year. We are very lucky you have joined us!
  • Kelly for the confidence you showed presenting your first assembly as team captain. Well done! (Thanks to Sarah for the nomination)
  • Josh also received a Fielder for his great effort at the swimming trials last week.