Interschool Sports: Volleystars

The A team for Vollystars, Us the Berwick Fields team were neck to neck against the Berwick Primary. Only 2 points separated us from the sweet taste of victory, and then our hope slowly deflated as they scored 1 point putting them ahead. Our grins slowly turned into conniptions. We had lost, failed, it was sad but did that stop us, kind of considering we lost the rest of the games but two.

Our First win was awesomely great. We were down by eight until it was someone elses turn to step up and score. Her name was Kelly. With her skills we won the match. Our cheers of joy rang through the gym, but she was not the only one great player on our team. some of the brilliant players were Britney, Harrison and Many. There catches were awesome and there throws were wicked but we also had a secret move by Jacob called the pound. Jacob would throw the ball in the air and if in slow motion the would smash it down just over the net.

Wabam. Once in a while one of us would get a smack in the face with the ball. Ouch. Seriously painful, some of the many injury’s our team suffered were plenty of falls, grazes and a nose bleed that didn’t even happen in the game. It seemed like every 5 minutes someone would fall over when catching the ball.

We had fun when we were playing against the 7 schools. In reality we were not really stars.

by Sarah, Amber and Kelly

Sarah’s fantastic expirence

50-1 Production (3) (Large)

It’s the first production today, and I have already been on stage for the opening number, the school and even Tipperary. But now we are up to the Wright brother Transport factory. I am meant trow era green flowered pants and a white shirt but I accidentally got into my black pants and black vest, so I changed back. When I got onto the stage we forgot to get the banana from Kelly, so we had to do without it.
As soon as we got onto the stage to set up what we needed for the production, Kelly was starting her Bert lines, and it was really hard to set up, because of where we were, it was pitch black, as black as cowl. When the lights came back on us the spotlight was really light and I mean really light. After I said my Transport lines we all went over to the corner non the stage, but we were playing with the pipes. I think we were trying to build a steering weal. But that’s just my perspective.

Sarah’s Titanic Prezi!

The Titanic was a ship that was built to go from South Hampton to New York, New York. This ship was built to be unsinkable but to lookouts were mucking around so they were not concentrating on the iceberg or where they were going.

In this prezi it ha slots of infomation about the Titanic and also some infomation about a girl that was born one month before the Titanic had finished being built there for tht she went onto the Totanic with her perents.

Sizzling Starts and Planning for Success


In class we have begun to look at the ‘7 Steps to Amazing Writing’. As a launching pad to the steps, we began by spending the first fortnight focusing on ‘Sizzling Starts’.

A Sizzling Start is a start to a piece of writing or story that really engages the reader and makes them want to read more in the story. It could be an action scene or something funny – anything that makes the reader want to keep reading more.

We have had a look at writing which does not sizzle (it fizzles!) and how it causes us to become disinterested in the writing. Some examples of this include writing that starts with ‘On the weekend…’ or ‘When I woke up…’.

Students have been fantastic at identifying sizzling starts! Some of the sizzling starts that we have identified in books, movies or television programs include:

  • The beginning of Stormbreaker, with Ian Rider being chased from Port Tallon. (thanks Tai)
  • The introduction to Men in Black, as the agents zap the alien in the desert. (Thanks Zak)
  • The movie Wall*E with its engaging and wonderful first scene.
  • The film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which starts with the boulder chase scene.
  • The Simpsons Movie, when Homer poisons the town’s water supply (thanks Jarryd)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean has a suspense filled start with many people dying
  • The television show Modern Family often starts with a comic scene that makes you laugh and want to keep watching.
  • The books Beware contain lots of short stories but they are all set in Halloween and full of suspense. (Zak)
  • The books in the Deltora Quest series contain twists at the start to make you want to find out what happens, such as when the main characters die out right at the start (thanks Zenia!)
  • Tomorrow When the War Began starts with a bombing and fighting scene
  • In the novel Breaking Dawn the character begins to talk about her life experiences and what has happened to her (thanks Kelly)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets captures you in by jumping off where the last story ends and Harry doing something he shouldn’t be doing.
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanya starts with a newspaper headline and the main character talking about how it will affect others

This is only a short list of some of the ideas that we discussed in class over the past fortnights. We have also completed a range of activities to get us good at thinking about quick starts to stories. These have including writing ‘five fast starts’ where we have to write the start to five stories in just ten minutes- yes it can be done! Ideas we were given for stories included “All of the kids are at school but there’s no teacher’s in sight”, “A ghost story about a dog with three legs” and “There’s a tree in the wetlands that eats kids”. It’s amazing what you can write in two minutes when you put your mind to it!

Today, we moved on to another of the steps and starting looking at Planning for Success.


We spent some time this morning discussing the importance of having a wide range of ideas to be able to build a story from, and not necessarily using the first thing that pops in to your head. As a grade we brainstormed some large lists of different characters (heroes and villains), sidekicks, problems, settings and animals we might include in a story. From these lists, we had to use something from each list to write the start to a silly story. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

  • A walking saucepan has to flee from the FBI who know his mysterious secret. It’s the year 2012 with Mayans freaking everywhere and with the help of a monkey his only transport is a non-stop kicking horse.  -Malinthi
  • A class full of heroes in the year 2500 has to stop a million dollar author and her evil cat from making every pencil in the world grow huge with only the help of Kevin Rudd. – Kelly
  • A fat cow and its sidekick the talking wheelchair have to fight the psycho killer for killing the Prime Minister, helped by a tiger with fangs. – Jesse
  • The evil cat is owned by a mad scientist in the year 3000 with the help of a supersized pig. But he was stopped by the talking tree. – Sarah
  • In the first year ever a lady had a super big pig and her sidekick bumble bee brother looked after it.  They also had an old lady, sick hobo and giant bee. – Olivia
  • A vampire, who has lived from 1899 to 2240 trying to find a way to become human again, has found her match, a demon and with only her mind and her python she has to kill him or he will control the world and herself forever.  -Amber
  • A farting monkey and sidekick, a non-stop kicking horse, would face and fight evil dog. They would fight in the year 2240. Evil dog will die and the world will end. -Ryan
  • There once was a zombie with his sidekick alien mouse named freckles. They tried to stop the evil flesh eating dog from trying to kill the guy with an evil haircut. – Jarryd
  • In the year 1204BC, one ex villan has to prove his hero worthiness by defeating an old Egyptian guy who wants to be the God of everyone, with the help of only his miniature talking dinosaur and his smart flying hippo. – Zenia

Wouldn’t these ideas make for an engaging story!

Kitchen was Fantastic

Wow what an amazing day in Kitchen today. Our grade 56C day a Kitchen today this week was a menu week so we made lots of different foods. We made the  Cos Cos salad, Pumpkin Pasta and we also made and a bread that was made fro a french roll. The Cos Cos Salads main ingredients were the Chip peas and the Tamarto and obviously the Cos Cos. The Pasta had lots of pumpkin. the Pasta was   a dough and ’00’ flower. The Bread was very well cooked. it was pretty much just the French Bread but cooked. The Desert was an Amazing it was a wonderful Apple pie with ice-cream!!!

Our Great group helper was Ms Brown. My group was the fried Green Tomatoes. In my group was Amber, Ryan, Jessie and I. My group made the Cos Cos salad it was amazing. It was really hard because we had to make more Cos Cos at the end about 10 minutes before we we meat to go and sit down to have Snack. In the Cos Cos Slade it had Tomato, for 5 minutes at the end Amber and I needed to keep fluffing the coc cos until it all mixed in.

My Favourite meal would have to be the Apple pie.

20110518_kitchen 006 (Large)

Sarah’s Persuasive Writting Piece

Berwick Fields Primary School opened their school library in 2006. Over the years the school lirary has grown biger and bigger over the years and now planing on getting extended.  I think it is very inportent keep the school library because open as you will see below.

Firstly, I think it’s importent to have a school library because it helps you to be able to read. It  helps you to read be abl eto spell better wen you read because you get used to reading to same words over again and again. You can also get test answers or questions from the non fiction books and also the more you read the better you are when you have reading tests.

Secondly, reading   also gives you a good education because when you are studing you need to be able to read big think books for assigments. Books also help you to be able to find  information because on  the computers it’s waysting money because you need to pay for the internet and elextriset.

5th Birthday Frenzy!

On Friday and Saturday we celebrated our 5th Birthday Frenzy at school.

Berwick Fields has now been open for more than five years and to mark the occasion we had a day of special celebrations on Friday. We started with the whole school ‘Together we Achieve’ games in the morning, working with students from across the school in our house teams. Then in the middle of the day, we had a special birthday assembly. Our new leaders for 2011 were presented with their badges at this assembly.

Zenia, Amber, Sarah, Kelly and Deon; Team Leaders from 56C

Zenia, Amber, Sarah, Kelly and Deon; Team Leaders from 56C

Tai and Liam; Sports Leaders

Tai and Liam; Sports Leaders

Malinthi, our JSC rep

Malinthi, our JSC rep

There were also many other special performances and presentations at the assembly, which you can see from the photos below. In the afternoon, we celebrated with a fun afternoon out on the oval.

20110325_5thbirthday 008 (Large)

What did you enjoy most about our fifth birthday celebrations?