Interschool Sports: Softball B

As I am standing on third base hopping to get  a home run , my heart was pounding with sweet running down my forehead this is it I have to get home. The next thing I know I am running for the team, as Mrs Brown screams YOU’RE OUT! As our last player steps up to the base he goes for a swing he hits it as hard as he can.

Without looking back he runs to first base but little did he know he had a hit a great FOUL! BUMMER! As he swings again he makes it to first base and the whole team is screaming and cheering for him. We were so surprised we had won our first match for the day!

We are on our way to our next game. We were so nevus we wanted to win so bad! As our first batter Meg swing and got to first base in style but with pain she had slipped and couldn’t play our next game. But we still managed to win!

by Lara, Bethany and Caitlin

56’s awesome prodution!

Production 013 (Large)

As I walked on stage for the first time, I had butterfly’s in my stomach. It was so nerve racking!As I looked around to see all my friends chatting away, I felt like this production was going to be easy. But when the curtains open and when I could see the audience staring at me, my mind changed this wasn’t going to be easy this was going to be extremely hard! With all the lights flashing at me I new it was going to be a long night.!

Lara and Caitlin’s music and dance prezi!

This is a prezi about music and dance. We enjoyed making this because we learnt something new stuff. If you like this topic this might be a awesome prezi to watch we hope you learnt something as well. The things we learnt were what kind of dance styles were popular and where they origanated from or when they origanted. We also learnt different types of music styles. We hope you enjoy our prezi.


Lara’s Camp Recount!

As I stepped off the bus at cave hill creek camp I was so exited as I could see every one else was to. We got into the common room witch was huge. We meet the manager Tim he told us the rules and we were set to go and get our bags and see our cabins.

!Tuesday! first day of real fun my 2 favourite activites were the bouldering wall and the bush walk to glut because I didn’t like the hut building. I liked the bouldering wall because instead of going up a wall wew went across the wall. I liked the bush walk because we got to go hiking  and walk on trees and we saw lots of water falls.

A bad night turns into a good day because we had canoeing but the only bad thing about it was my partner Bethany kept on splashing me almost every time she put her paddle into the water it was anoeing. Other wise it was really fun and one of my favourite activites on camp one of my other favourite cativites on camp was absaleing. I was the first perrson to do it in my roup. It was really fun but when you get down you think the rock but when you first see the rock you think it is humungues.

8:45 after breaky it was inspections it was the last inspection for camp cabin 2 my cabin won the inspection so we got a big prize! My favourite activite on Thursday was the bikes because it was fun to ride through the bush. The only  thing I didn’t like about it wa sthat I thought I was lost until I saw a sign that said bike track this way.It was our last activite for the day. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it but I did I only did 1 lap because Bethany didn’tm have a bike so someone had to swap with her so I did I don’t think Taliah didn’t want to do a second lap. Another thing I enjoyed on Thursday was the disco it was really awesome  but there was only like 6 songs it was our last night there should have been almost 50 songs it should have gone for longer!

!Friday came at last it was time to go home but not time to stop activites we got to do 2 of  our favourite activites on the last day but we weren’t alowed to do absailing or canoeing and those were the ones I wanted to do so instead I did low ropes because I also enjoyed that but I slipped into mud and I had to go and change my pants and it was time to change activites. I went to sports time but I didn’t really play games I sat in the shade and talked to the teachers.

My most memroble moment was geting 3 masages at the talent show on Wednesday night. My favourite thing on cap was bein in a cabin and tent with all my friends. I also enjoyed makeing new friends because I didn’t know some people in my cabin I made new friends with Jenifer in 5/6F, Ashley and Crystal in 5/6D!

Coats of Arms

Over the past week we have been working on our fantastic Coats of Arms that highlight some things that make us unique. How great do they look all together!

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Lara’s Homework

Hi everybody,

For our homework we had to find 3 different resources to help us with our learning goal and my learning goal was to get better at adding decimals.

My 3 links are …..  The aaamath link is very good because it really helped me realise how easy adding decimals really is!  This one also has a variety of games! This link is probably the best out of all of them because it had a variety of games to play I recommend you play it!

If you have the same goal as me I hope you try my links!

Love Lara