Interschool Sports: Boys Basketball

We started off with a perfect goal from Dylan to start the match against Berwick Primary. When the match went on we were falling behind big time. As the match was coming to an end we started to get some more goals, but the end we lost by 11 points.

The interesting parts of the day was when we were vs.  Berwick Lodge, Dylan from half court and only just missed the ring. Another interesting moment was when Dylan shot the ball with four nerve-racking seconds left to catch up, but by the end of game we lost by 30 points. 4-34.

The best player last week on Friday had to be Dylan. He got most of our points. Dylan helped us get the ball down the court. Dylan stopped the ball getting down their end and getting points on the board. The funniest part was when Josh ( Liam ) went sliding down the court.

Berwick played very good that day. They had won every game they played. The best game they played was against Beacon Hills. It was a very close game. They finished Berwick 14- Beacon Hills 10. Berwick finished 1st, Beacon Hills 2nd, Us equal 5th and Berwick Lodge Last.

We both enjoyed!

by Luke, Liam and Josh


Hi it’s Josh here to tell you about Holes.

Holes is about a kid who has bad luck and he in the wrong place all the time.

So he get’s sent to this camp because he got caught with a pair of famous shoes

that fell out of the sky. When he got to camp he realized it was not going to be fun and

games. He was told he had to dig a hole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide in one day for 18 months.

I recommend   this book because it’s full of adventure hope you read it thanks for reading.


When I got to school I was really nervous.
It would be the first time using the lights with an audience.

Once the show started I was not as nervous as I was before.

Half way through the show I got the hang of it. While I was

doing the light I stuffed up once. When the show ended

everyone was commenting on how good I was and even one

person said what I did that night is what he does for his job.


News from 56C – Episode 3

This week’s news was produced by Chevrolet and Liam, although features special presentations by Josh and Kelly. If you haven’t already seen our performance at assembly you can check out the video here.

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News from 56C – Episode 2

A big thanks go out to Josh and Zenia for putting together this week’s edition of News from 56C. In this episode you can find out about Interschool Sports against Brentwood Park, an update on the performing arts centre, information about our new inquiry topic and what we have been learning in maths. Make sure you leave a comment below to let us know what you think!