Our Solar System: Papermation

In class this term we have been learning about Science. Everyone has come up with their own inquiry ‘why’ question to investigate. We have decided that the best way to explain what have learned would be to create a papermation video. You can see an example of a papermation here.

This is the first of our videos finished, created independently by Jessica and Bethany. They chose the question “Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?” Check out their fantastic explanation. Don’t forget to leave them some feedback about their efforts!

Interschool Sports: Basketball

It was a boiling hot day. The girls basketball team were now onto our first match, we had been going all day at the gym. We were going so well the scores were then 4-0, but as the heat grew our score started to dwell and Oatlands were ahead of us. Our team had some awesome players who scored terrific goals.

It was a really sizzling afternoon. Soon after our energy was on track the our score began to arise, as the heat rose wildly unfortunately the opposition were just to good so they were winning by 2 points. There were 50 seconds on the timer, the girls team strikingly scored a goal through the hoop. The score were then really close they were only 2 points above, if only we could’ve won 1 more goal. The time flew past at the end of the  breathtaking match, although Oatlands ended up winning by just 4 points, which lead to a close game. It was disappointing to know that we lost. At the end of the day we had a lot of fun even though we got thrashed by Oatlands. Well that was a fail!

by Chevrolet and Jessica

FANTASTIC Production!!!

As I got my props from backstage and I walked behind the wings, I could feel a nerv rushing through my body. My stomach felt like it was about to burst but I still had excitement running trough my head. My mouth was as dry as anything I tryed to swallow but i could’nt I was as thirsty as anything. I  took a deep breath and said to my self it’s going to be okay. It was now ready to see the next act. I could hear the addience turning the page of he program ready to see the next act. I put my prop on stage when the blackout appeared on the stage. Finaly the colourful bright lights appeared on the back drop. I was now ready. I walked on stage I could see the addience suprisinaly enjoying our spectacular porformance. As I was on stage I could smell the yummy food been eaten it made my tummy rumble. At last the act had finished! I felt relived to have gone out on stage and be as confident as I could and to have remembered all my lines.Once it was up to the next act it felt like the adience had just seen a very exciting performace.

News from 56C – Episode 5

This week’s episode of News from 56C has been produced by Jarryd and Jessica. You can find out information about our class novel, interschool sports, what we prepared in Kitchen, our class inquiry topic and what we have been learning in Maths. Kelly will even share some examples of how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. Check out the episode below!

Fielders of the Week


Congratulations to our Fielders of the Week for the past two weeks, Josh and Jessica. Liam and Luke also recieved Fielders from Mrs Laverman.

20110405_fielders 002 (Large)

  • Josh for the fantastic effort and enthusiam you have put in to learning about time over the past fortnight. It is great to see the commitment you’ve put in working towards your goal.
  • Jessica for demonstrating fantastic organisation skills in completing your homework to such a high standard every fortnight. Stellar effort!
  • Liam and Luke for demonstrating fantastic ‘getting along’ skills playing before school basketball last week.