Interschool Sports: Rounders B

Waiting in the line very still hoping that l will not make the same mistake l did the past week. l was the 9th batter at that time my hands were dripping  all because of swat .It was my turn to smash the  ball. I smashed the ball really had and managed to get everyone home while the other team raced for the ball .After that run we won the game .

We won the game with only  three runs how awesome was that. After the game Leroy did a front flip on the home base and everyone was jumping up and down in excitement .Out of all the team we versed Berwick lodge was the hardest team .They were a lot of great players in our team. B Team won three and lost three and A team won three  , one draw and lost two.

by Ivory and Jarryd

2099 fear the year by lvory

2099l have just finished this book,and it has really opened my eyes. l have to say this book is the most amazing book l have read this month. lts got action ,romance. To all those who love fiction l highly recommand you shouldread this book.l didn’t really care about readin books until l raed this serie. ln the future l plan to get mor series. To imagine this book was just sitting in my class room shelf. l have learn’t not to judge a book by it’s colour or it’s cover.