Interschool Sports: Basketball

It was a boiling hot day. The girls basketball team were now onto our first match, we had been going all day at the gym. We were going so well the scores were then 4-0, but as the heat grew our score started to dwell and Oatlands were ahead of us. Our team had some awesome players who scored terrific goals.

It was a really sizzling afternoon. Soon after our energy was on track the our score began to arise, as the heat rose wildly unfortunately the opposition were just to good so they were winning by 2 points. There were 50 seconds on the timer, the girls team strikingly scored a goal through the hoop. The score were then really close they were only 2 points above, if only we could’ve won 1 more goal. The time flew past at the end of the  breathtaking match, although Oatlands ended up winning by just 4 points, which lead to a close game. It was disappointing to know that we lost. At the end of the day we had a lot of fun even though we got thrashed by Oatlands. Well that was a fail!

by Chevrolet and Jessica

Chevrolet’s Birthday Narrative

321 ding ding ding goes my alarm clock.Today it’s my birthday.As I slowly wake,gradually I strolled outside for a bit of fresh air.I see nothing but surprises.SURPRISE!Wow.e to run speedly toward my dream wanting cake, the shape of a high heel.As I sit down in my glamorous birthday chair I look around and hear loud friends and family beginning to chant my name.Huh, I thought.Usually I’d hear them singing happy birthday to me,but oh how ridiculously wrong I was.I glanced at my annoying dumb brother as he comes up to and fully grabs hold of my precious head and quickly pushes it into my moth watering cake.What a waste.Just wait for your birthday freak.It’ll be even worse.

News from 56C – Episode 3

This week’s news was produced by Chevrolet and Liam, although features special presentations by Josh and Kelly. If you haven’t already seen our performance at assembly you can check out the video here.

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Fielders – Week 8, Term 1


Congratulations to our Fielders of the Week for the past two weeks, Zak and Chevrolet. Our value focus for this fortnight was enthusiasm.

20110315_assembly 010 (Large)

  • Zak for the enthusiasm and confidence you showed attempting all activities on camp. What a superstar!
  • Chevrolet for the enthusiasm you demonstrate towards each and every activity we complete in class. What a superstar!

Coats of Arms

Over the past week we have been working on our fantastic Coats of Arms that highlight some things that make us unique. How great do they look all together!

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