Interschool Sports: Softball B

As I am standing on third base hopping to get  a home run , my heart was pounding with sweet running down my forehead this is it I have to get home. The next thing I know I am running for the team, as Mrs Brown screams YOU’RE OUT! As our last player steps up to the base he goes for a swing he hits it as hard as he can.

Without looking back he runs to first base but little did he know he had a hit a great FOUL! BUMMER! As he swings again he makes it to first base and the whole team is screaming and cheering for him. We were so surprised we had won our first match for the day!

We are on our way to our next game. We were so nevus we wanted to win so bad! As our first batter Meg swing and got to first base in style but with pain she had slipped and couldn’t play our next game. But we still managed to win!

by Lara, Bethany and Caitlin

A Production Always has Torture.

As soon as I steped onto the stage I could just feel thoughs nerves bubbling inside me and as I bubbled there I could feel that sickness OH NO I think i’m  going to puke. That sound of the audience filling the thearte, who knows what torture is going to be next, me mucking up the intro, me slipping off the stage. Here goes nothing. Quick sing in time and in tune but as fast as it will go so it can finish. Finally its all over and finished. OHNO any more torture. The school scene and I have to wear a long skirt, What happens if I trip over in it while walking and break something. BREAK something once again just more torture for me. OK I got to stay composed. Maybe the school scene isn’t that badI just want this production to end so FINALLY I can get some sleep and not be so tired. OH will this torture ever end?

You will always have torture in a production and aspecially NERVES!

Created and written by Caitlin

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Lara and Caitlin’s music and dance prezi!

This is a prezi about music and dance. We enjoyed making this because we learnt something new stuff. If you like this topic this might be a awesome prezi to watch we hope you learnt something as well. The things we learnt were what kind of dance styles were popular and where they origanated from or when they origanted. We also learnt different types of music styles. We hope you enjoy our prezi.


Caitlins Camp Recount

Camp recount

I’m stepping  off the bus I’m so excited I really can’t believe I’m at Cave Hill Creek camp and there’s so many people here. It isn’t at all like what I thought it was going to be. There’s a lake. Later around three fifteen we got time to settle in and meet the manager named Tim. He’s a really nice peron. For dinner I had lasagne I don’t like lasagne but I was starving so I ate it any way.

Tuesday morning   at 7:00 am   it’s rise and shower’s so everyone pretty much had a hour before   breaky. I was group 5, the echidnas. Our first activity was bike riding. I liked bike riding  because we got to ride a mountain bike and down really steap hill so it made it really fun.

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week, but was even better on camp because we had canoeing. I liked canoeing because we got to go with the teacher and jump into the water.Wednesday night we the talent show I was in the talent show I played 2 songs wich were hot cross buns and jingle bells.  Some of the plays were really funny and got me  cracked up and laughing. Some of them wearn’t  really funny and got me board.

Thursday was fun because we got pancakes for breakfast and the echidnas had abseiling it took a while to get up the hill a few  people didn’t do it when we got to the top of the hill I  looked down and looked down again and thought if I don’t do it I might regret it so I did it and achieved it.

Friday the last day of camp finally we get to sleep in till 8:00  and breakfast at 8:30.   At 10:00 on the dot it was inspection our cabin was freaking out  but by the time it came  to inspection there was nothing on the floor and we got 10 out of 10 for every thing we were jumping up and down and screaming we were so happy . For lunch we had hot dogs i had 2 at 11:30 we departed for Berwick Fields PS. By the time we got back at bfps it was  5:00 I was so dizzy that I couldn’t walk and couldn’t see I was so happy to get back home .

Coats of Arms

Over the past week we have been working on our fantastic Coats of Arms that highlight some things that make us unique. How great do they look all together!

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