Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book Review – by Zenia.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series. Written by J.K.Rowling, these books have a great way of capturing the reader’s imagination.

Harry Potter enters his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with confusion, excitement and the feeling that he will challenged greater than ever before. In this book Hogwarts will be taking part in the legendary Triwizard Tournament, held between three famous wizarding schools every century, or so; and this year the Tournament will be held at Hogwarts! From each school one representative must take part in three challengingly dangerous tasks, and the winner will be awarded fame, glory, 1,000 Galleons and the shiny Triwizard Cup!

The Triwizard Tournament is always celebrated with an air of excitement, and it is no different this year…but why then does Harry feel distracted…why is he worrying about other things, while all of his friends are in a fun, worry-free mood? Could it possibly be something to do with his lightning shaped scar burning momentarily or him seeing strange visions?

And what are these three dangerous tasks? Who are the three representatives from each of the schools? How does all this effect Harry?

You’ll have to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to find out!

I would rate this book 10/10. It’s so interesting and full of mysteries and twists! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!


Guilty, yet hungry. By Zenia, 5/6C.

As I entered the room, which was decorated in colourful streamers and balloons, I smiled at the birthday girl, who was striding over to me in her tall party hat. Her name was Victoriah, and she was one of my best friends! I could hear music booming from an awesome stereo, and I could see people dancing to the songs. I felt like dancing to, but I stayed put to hug and wish the birthday girl.

My eyes wandered around the room as I handed Victoriah her present and I saw some girls from school happily dipping scarlet strawberries into what looked like warm, flowing chocolate fudge. My tummy rumbled and I could suddenly smell all the food in the room; there was packets and packets of Salt and Vinegar chips, Pascal Swirls, chocolate cookies, fruits and orange cordial. Victoriah had clearly heard my tummy rumbling, because she chuckled and said, “You can start eating now if you like! We’re still waiting-“. She was cut off by the loud sound of a dozen party poppers being popped, and in the next second we were both covered in streamers!

The doorbell rang, and Victoriah left to check who had arrived. I thought I might as well help myself to some chips and cordial, so I dodged balloons, streamers and people to get to the glorious table piled with food. There were more things than I had smelt; party pies, biscuits and more than enough soft drinks! Then I saw the cake. The glorious, mouth-watering cake! Shaped as a beautiful, pink rose, and as big as a steering wheel. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I imagined what it tasted like…melting in my mouth. I stepped forwards, felt my foot get caught in a wire, and I tripped. The music, which had been still booming away, suddenly stopped. Everything seemed to go extra slow…I fell onto the food table, crushing chips and cookies. And the cake. I had destroyed the cake. The beautiful cake.

I heard a scream, and I felt a dozen pair of eyes burning into my back. I lay there, guilty…and still hungry.