Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard by Amber 5/6c

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The air shifted into a humid and thick wind, I could feel the sweat start to form on my forehead. At that moment I thought of how it took the 5/6s one month and one week to put this production together and how it was almost over.

 Moments ago the call the teachers made suggested that my class and I should head the stage to preform our school scene act. So, me and the girl classmates put on our costumes –soon the boys joined us- and headed toward are destination. I couldn’t help but feel the nausea in my stomach to grow and add a drop of sickness to my feelings.

 So there I was, the main character of our skit and ready to take on the role as the teacher. Deep breaths Amber I thought to myself, stressing only going to make it worse. When the moment came, I felt the butterflies nibble at my stomach as I came onto the stage. 220 people stranded before me, but I didn’t look at them once, only focusing on what was supposed to have my undivided attention. Then in a blur, I finished. Feeling the weight bound to my shoulders realise, I relaxed a little. I did well. But there was one problem, I had another twelve mini introductions to go. Just perfect.