Best Production ever

Production 013 (Large)

Oh My Gosh ! I’m all tingly in side after those skits I’m going try my best shuffling ever

I think I’m really good at doing shuffling and dancing at all that.

Everyone love my shuffling and all the skits i did. i really wish we could do it for longer.

 my parents and all my brothers and sister were so proud of me as i was proud of my self. 


Tai’s Recount Writing

On Monday the 7th of March we got to cave hill creek in beafort. I got the top bunk of course.

On Tuesday i did the orienteering with Liam G. We did it in thirty minutes and figue the sentences. We also had bike riding, it was the best activity. I was at the back because i am one of the best riders. One person had a massive stack she was centimetres from strangling herself on the fences. Which gave us all a shock.

On Wendseday i did the bouldering wall i did the whole ting without falling off it was tricky very long and you had to wait for te next person to finish. In the afternoon i did the 10km walk to glut it was long ,tiring and at the end i was excouted.

On Thursday i did sport time but it was raining so that was no good. I also did Canoeing and Abselling. At canoeing i went with Zak,you use a ore to move the boat. At Abselling I went first it was awesome when it came to the crack.

On Friday i did the bouldering wall again i also did the bike ride at advnce level i did the track in 8-9min so did Bailey H, Jake D, Shahab F and Mr campbell.

My favourite thing was bike riding because it was awesome ,exciting and exsillarating.