FANTASTIC Production!!!

As I got my props from backstage and I walked behind the wings, I could feel a nerv rushing through my body. My stomach felt like it was about to burst but I still had excitement running trough my head. My mouth was as dry as anything I tryed to swallow but i could’nt I was as thirsty as anything. I  took a deep breath and said to my self it’s going to be okay. It was now ready to see the next act. I could hear the addience turning the page of he program ready to see the next act. I put my prop on stage when the blackout appeared on the stage. Finaly the colourful bright lights appeared on the back drop. I was now ready. I walked on stage I could see the addience suprisinaly enjoying our spectacular porformance. As I was on stage I could smell the yummy food been eaten it made my tummy rumble. At last the act had finished! I felt relived to have gone out on stage and be as confident as I could and to have remembered all my lines.Once it was up to the next act it felt like the adience had just seen a very exciting performace.