About Josh Jackson

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Hi it’s Josh here to tell you about Holes.

Holes is about a kid who has bad luck and he in the wrong place all the time.

So he get’s sent to this camp because he got caught with a pair of famous shoes

that fell out of the sky. When he got to camp he realized it was not going to be fun and

games. He was told he had to dig a hole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide in one day for 18 months.

I recommend   this book because it’s full of adventure hope you read it thanks for reading.


When I got to school I was really nervous.
It would be the first time using the lights with an audience.

Once the show started I was not as nervous as I was before.

Half way through the show I got the hang of it. While I was

doing the light I stuffed up once. When the show ended

everyone was commenting on how good I was and even one

person said what I did that night is what he does for his job.