Malinthi’s book summary of Narnia and the voyage of the Dawn Treader.

This is my summary of the third book of the chronicles of Narnia-the voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The youngest of the Pevensie kids are forced to come and live with their wretched cousin Eustace because their older siblings are away and their mother wants a proper holiday with their father. During that stay they are brought back to Narnia with Eustace. They are taken abroad the Dawn Treader which is Caspian’s ship. However there are no wars to fight, they haven’t been summouned so no one has any ideas as to why they are back. But they are told by Caspian that he has left his kingdom to look for seven friends of his father who were banished in the time of his uncle’s reign.

Each of them had a sword to protect by Caspian’s father….but not any ordinary swords.As they go looking for these seven men and thier swords, they are plunged into adventure of the sort they could never have imagined! To overcome the evil trying to destroy them, they’ll have to destoy the evil in themselves! This proves to be difficult as time goes on! Will they be able to find all these swords and thier protecters and what dangers lurk on thier way? Read the book and find out!

This is really interesting book. It has a good mix of adventure, fantasy and even humour! If you like reading books that are out-of-the-ordinary you might like to try this one! It is in a series with being the third after The lion, the witch and the wardrobe and Prince Caspian! THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK!

Malinthi and Zenia’s Prezi about WW1.

Our Prezi is all about how the first War started, how it ended, and also what happened afterwards. We hope when you go through our Prezi, you will learn as much as we have researching the project. Zenia and I enjoyed working on Prezi, because it was new and different to the daily Powerpoint. We think the effects on Prezi make our whole presentation look more interesting and worthwhile. Hopefully, everyone else thinks so ,too!