Skeleton Creek by Liam

 Joe Buck

Joe Buck

In the book there are two main characters called Sarah Fincher and Ryan McCray. At the start Ryan was recapping (reveiwing) what happened the night when Sarah went to the Dredge. Sarah went to alone. The Dredge is a old machine that used to mine gold in the woods. sarah went with her camera and filmed someone above out of a window. She showed it to Ryan and he didn’t belive her. Later that day they both go. Ryan falls and shutters his leg. After his accident they both were banned from seeing each other. When they were banned they were still investigating, Ryan was writing in his journal and Sarah used her webcam to search things.

The book is a Horror/Mystery. It’s exciting because it has a mystery backround. There are four books to read and they are Skeleton Creek, Ghost In The Machine, Skeleton Creek The Crossbones and Skeleton Creek The Raven. I think you should read it.

The Defloating Jumping Castle! Liam


Bob was lineing up to go on the Jumping Castle. Bob said to the birthday boy Bill,” this is boring, why can’t we all go on”, said Bob sadly. Because the jumping castle can’t hold 20 people at a time. Bob went up to his dad Frank and asked him if  he could jump on the jumping castle with him. So what happens is that Bob and his dad jumps on the castle and all you could hear was air coming at of the jumping castle. Bill said,”NO, thanks a lot Bob now there is no jumping castle”. IT IS NOW DEFLOATING TO DOWN!

Liams post of ski racing

Ski Racing

My uncle Rob ski races all over Australia and he races with his mates in a team called Dirty Rat.

In the holidays my family are going to see Mildura 100 its a ski race that goes for 100km.My uncle races both saturday and sunday. He races at speeds of over 8o mile/hour (approx. 160km/hr). He has just put a new motor and it is a 454 Chevy. In ski racing “its hard to stay up” my uncle said. I would love to ski but i have hurt my left knee so i can’t jump for 4 weeks.