Bert Newton First Lines!

Bert Newtons First Lines!

I waited in the darkness of the off prompt for the opening number to end. I can`t believe it’s our first night already! The excitement and anxiousness that I was feeling were so strong I couldn’t tell one from the other. The deep breathes I took did little to help this. I scanned the stage with my eyes and I saw the joyful and smiling faces of the people singing. Smile, I thought to myself. Make sure you smile when you’re out there. I had been giving myself pep talks in the past few minutes to make sure I could, no would do everything I could do to perfect my lines. The song was coming to an end so I took more deep breathes and ran through my lines…again. Then black out. My eyes widened. It was my turn to get on the stage. I walked some rushed and crowded steps to reach my destination which was the right side of the stage. I waited for the lights. By then I had a million worries going through my mind but I tried to block them out and focus on what I was about to say and do. The last words I said before the spotlight found me was just have fun. Everything will be fine, just have fun! I took a deep breath… then another. Then I spoke the words I had spent weeks trying to memorise
“Hello, I’m Bert Newton…”
As I walked back off stage I felt ready for the rest of then nights acts. I couldn’t wait!

By Kelly

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Kelly and Amber’s Art Styles of the 1900-10 Prezi

Our prezi is all about the styles of art in the 1900-1910. We focused on four different styles. They are Expressionism, Cubism, Fauvism and Futurism. All are special in their own way and have changed the way we look upon art. We have discovered and learnt some of the effects of these styles and also what they are. We had fun in the progress of completing our Prezi and we really have enjoyed working together as a team. We have also enjoyed finding facts and information about our topic. While reserching about this topic we have learnt a lot of different ways to use Prezi and to make an awesome presentation. All and all we have enjoyed this and can`t wait for what gets thrown at us next. We hope you enjoy watching our Prezi!

A Fantastic Day In The Kitchen!

A Fantastic Day In The Kitchen

Our 5/6C kitchen day started as usual. Everyone piled through the door to be the first one to get an apron and stand around the bench. Today’s menu started off great. The desert of the day was going to be a yummy apple pie with ice cream! Pasta, also something on the menu, was something I was definitely looking forward to.  The Cos Cos salads main ingredients were the chick peas and tomato. The bread hopefully would turn out great. The menu was off to a great start. It sounded yummy and we were all dying to start cooking.

In the amazing group I was in there were, Zak, Jessica, Jesse,  Malinthi and I. Our helper of the day was the lovely Malinthi’s mum. The group started well with Zak and Jesse arguing as usual. All of us started off by chopping some pumpkin. The pumpkin that was going to be the main ingredient in the sauce and pasta. After the pumpkin was out of the way came the dreaded onion. It had most of us close to tears. The pumpkin and onion was the biggest part of the sauce. Next came the green leaves, paisley, chives and the unforgettable leak. The leak had us all laughing at Zak’s incredible humour. Zak had given us a dumb-struck look when we told him that leaks come from spring onions!

After all our chopping came the wet and slippery washing up. I had been put as the washer with Zak and Jesse the dryers. we started slow but then we got our grove and finished the job. For the worst part of kitchen it could be quiet fun. But then we had to clean up all the mess the water made.

After all the hard work was done we had a chance to sit down relax and eat! the Cos Cos was really nice. The chicken peas made the whole thing better. The bread was cooked perfectly. the pasta was my favourite I had 2 serves of that! The desert was really yummy! I loved how it had the ice cream on top.

My group was awesome. I really enjoy my kitchen classes. Being in the same group as Malinthi is great because I have one of my friends with me. I Really enjoy kitchen on a weekly bases. Today’s kitchen was great!

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On last Thursday I had my karate class. I wanted to write about it because i wanted to see how this would post and because i just wanted to write something that is special to me.

As the class began the first thing we did is bow. This bow is something we do at the start and end of class. We sit on our knees first. Then we Moxsu, which means close eyes in Japanese. After 15 seconds of that our sensei will say Moxiu Yame, which means eyes open. After that our sensei will turn his back to us, he says Kanchu Sulliavan Rae, then we put our left hand first then our right hand down to make a triangle then we bow are heads in it. Next we sit back up on our knees. The first bow is to the creator of the GKR Karate group. Then we bow the same way for our Sensei. The Sensei wouldn`t bow for that one. Last but not least we bow to everyone.

The second thing we do in class is the warm ups. We do them so when we do kicks or punches we don`t hurt ourselves, so if we don`t do the warm ups probably, it`s our faults.

The next thing we did was some basics punches and kicks. They were tiring but fun. There were a lot of kicks and punches. So far the class was half was through.

The last thing we did was some kata. Kata is a set of moves in an order. There are blocks, strikes and kicks in a kata. I have learnt 1st, 2nd kata and Saifa. I did and worked on all of them katas. The next Kata I have to learn is Bussai-dai, but thats is when i bevome a blue belt. I`m only a Green so far. Blues the next colour for me.

After that it was he end of class so we bowed the same as how we did at the start of the leasson.

Karate is a awesome sport to do and it`s great fun. My classes are one Tuesday and Thursday at the Narry Warren Learning Center but you can find classes anywhere. There even at our school! Karate is great!

Thanks for reading my post

Created By Kelly