Jarryd`s Production Destruction

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It was the first night everyone was so excited to perform on stage. The curtains opened and everybody was staring at us and then everyone started to sing. After we sang it was time for the acts. Number 50 was 5/6A doing wizard of oz. About 24 acts later it was time for a 10 to 20 minute break. During the break you could hear and smell things like crunching on choc tops, lollies and even munching on chips and shapes backstage. After the next 25 acts it was time for the finale. During the finale we had to shuffle to Party Rock Anthem. The production was alright and after it i think everyone was really tired but it looked like everybody was having fun. Now we only have to do it again two more times.


On Monday we arrived a Cave Hill Creek.

We ate lunch then Tim showed us around all the different places in the camp site. once we had eaten dinner we went on a night walk. On the night walk we saw lots of animals like kangaroos and koalas.

On Tuesday we went to our first activity which was an hour fourty five minute buh walk to Glut.on the bush walk there was a big waterfall so you had to go over a log to get to the other side. During the bush walk it was tiring getting up the steep hills and going over and under the logs and trees.

After the bush walk we went conoeing then we had sport time. At about eight pm we had a trivia night there was questions from things like back to the future and cartoon shows.

On Wednesday my group went to abseiling but when i went to go on it started to rain so it was really slippery. Our second  activity for the day was archery and i most popped a balloon! Orienteering and i got nineteen out of twenty. Our last activity for the day was photo trail and with that you had to findit and answer the questions later we had a talant night and calvin won.

On Thursday our first activity was the bikes it was hard going over the the broken down trees.  We also did low ropes and that was fun because there was ten activities and three group activities and i fell off seven times! Then we went to hut building and our hut came second place our last activity was bouldering wall. After dinner we had a disco.

On Friday we had to pack up to go home but before we went home we got to pick two choice activities and i chose  bouldering wall and low ropes because they were both really fun the first time.

All together the camp was fun and i thought that the low ropes was the best. Because the activities were awesome and i want to keep doing it over and over.