That’s All Folks!

Well, the learning journey for 2011 is now over. Hopefully everyone from 56C is excited about starting their new year in Grade 6 and Year 7.

With the year wrapped up, this blog will now be archived and closed to new posts. The work we did here will be archived at this location though as a record of our year.

In 2011, more than 7,000 people visited our blog, creating 282 posts and 557 comments. Not bad for a year’s work! We produced numerous videos, including 12 episodes of News from 56C, and had visitors from more than 100 countries (the top five being Australia, the US, UK, Ireland and Canada).

I am taking on a new role this year working with students and teachers from all across our school and helping them to become ‘digitally literate’, and understand how to use technology to help them with their learning. As I will be working with the whole school, I will be using a number of blogs this year. Many of the things you have used on our blog will now be located on these new blogs as we continue to develop the resources, including our Maths Units. If you have only just discovered our blog, make sure you visit the new blogs below as this is where we will be continuing to develop these resources.


All our maths resources, including our online maths units, will be located at MaX Maths. The blog URL is


Writing tasks and ideas will be worked on in the Writers’ Workshop. URL:

Digital Literacies

General technology tasks and resources will be on the Digital Literacies blog. URL:


I will update the URL for this soon, the site is yet to be created.


If you have any questions, I can continue to be contacted on my eduMail address:


All the best in 2012 and beyond!

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