Our Solar System: Papermation

In class this term we have been learning about Science. Everyone has come up with their own inquiry ‘why’ question to investigate. We have decided that the best way to explain what have learned would be to create a papermation video. You can see an example of a papermation here.

This is the first of our videos finished, created independently by Jessica and Bethany. They chose the question “Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?” Check out their fantastic explanation. Don’t forget to leave them some feedback about their efforts!

3 thoughts on “Our Solar System: Papermation

  1. Wow!! I love these when they are produced professionally as a tool for learning more about certain topics. You have captured this process perfectly with clear illustration, explicit explanations and creativity!
    From now on I’ll be calling on you when I want to learn more about things.
    Very impressed!

  2. Well done Jessica and Bethany! Great explanation, very clear and easy to understand with your words and the visuals you have used.
    Congratulations on being the first people to finish your task, and to such a great standard.

  3. Wow girls! Great stuff! I certainly didn’t know those facts and I love how clear your explanations were. I’m so glad to have you both in my grade next year and you can teach me all about making these Papermation videos 🙂 Great job!

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