Interschool Sports: Volleystars

The A team for Vollystars, Us the Berwick Fields team were neck to neck against the Berwick Primary. Only 2 points separated us from the sweet taste of victory, and then our hope slowly deflated as they scored 1 point putting them ahead. Our grins slowly turned into conniptions. We had lost, failed, it was sad but did that stop us, kind of considering we lost the rest of the games but two.

Our First win was awesomely great. We were down by eight until it was someone elses turn to step up and score. Her name was Kelly. With her skills we won the match. Our cheers of joy rang through the gym, but she was not the only one great player on our team. some of the brilliant players were Britney, Harrison and Many. There catches were awesome and there throws were wicked but we also had a secret move by Jacob called the pound. Jacob would throw the ball in the air and if in slow motion the would smash it down just over the net.

Wabam. Once in a while one of us would get a smack in the face with the ball. Ouch. Seriously painful, some of the many injury’s our team suffered were plenty of falls, grazes and a nose bleed that didn’t even happen in the game. It seemed like every 5 minutes someone would fall over when catching the ball.

We had fun when we were playing against the 7 schools. In reality we were not really stars.

by Sarah, Amber and Kelly

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