Interschool Sports: Softball B

As I am standing on third base hopping to get  a home run , my heart was pounding with sweet running down my forehead this is it I have to get home. The next thing I know I am running for the team, as Mrs Brown screams YOU’RE OUT! As our last player steps up to the base he goes for a swing he hits it as hard as he can.

Without looking back he runs to first base but little did he know he had a hit a great FOUL! BUMMER! As he swings again he makes it to first base and the whole team is screaming and cheering for him. We were so surprised we had won our first match for the day!

We are on our way to our next game. We were so nevus we wanted to win so bad! As our first batter Meg swing and got to first base in style but with pain she had slipped and couldn’t play our next game. But we still managed to win!

by Lara, Bethany and Caitlin

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