Interschool Sports: Cricket Report

The ball hit the bat, bounced right off, and flew beyond the boundary lines. Berwick Primary had just scored a six. Another one! At this point in the first game we were getting thrashed-not that we got any better as time went on. But there was still encouragement all around. Some of our team were still learning to play cricket but we were all great at cheering on! In the end the score was Berwick Primary: 160 runs and us: 85. Yea, not so great. What hope did we have? Sure we wanted to win….BUT COULD WE?

After the first games thrashing it was highly doubtful that e be able to get back. Everyone as feeling down but we still hadn’t lost our urge to win. Our next opposition as Oatlands. After a sweaty match in which the sun was beginning to really come out the scores were 125 runs to 105. Yes, we lost again…sadly! Although we had lost two games we had already improved immensely!

There was one good thing about our next opposition-we had already thrashed them in our practice match. It was Berwick Lodge! However they too beat us 105 runs to 85. Maybe we were a bit depressed then but our determination was still there. There was still one more game though and this time we were determined to win…somehow!

It was the final game. We all wanted to win this one! And guess what…WE ACTUALLY DID IT! We won against our opposition Brentwood Park. It was a good end to our lightning premiership!

Malinthi, Shaun and Zenia

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