Interschool Sports: Boys Basketball

We started off with a perfect goal from Dylan to start the match against Berwick Primary. When the match went on we were falling behind big time. As the match was coming to an end we started to get some more goals, but the end we lost by 11 points.

The interesting parts of the day was when we were vs.  Berwick Lodge, Dylan from half court and only just missed the ring. Another interesting moment was when Dylan shot the ball with four nerve-racking seconds left to catch up, but by the end of game we lost by 30 points. 4-34.

The best player last week on Friday had to be Dylan. He got most of our points. Dylan helped us get the ball down the court. Dylan stopped the ball getting down their end and getting points on the board. The funniest part was when Josh ( Liam ) went sliding down the court.

Berwick played very good that day. They had won every game they played. The best game they played was against Beacon Hills. It was a very close game. They finished Berwick 14- Beacon Hills 10. Berwick finished 1st, Beacon Hills 2nd, Us equal 5th and Berwick Lodge Last.

We both enjoyed!

by Luke, Liam and Josh

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