Today’s ICT Session

Today you have three tasks to complete during our ICT time.

  1. Writing Task. Check out our topic for today below. You should put your piece in an email to me. While you are in your email, reply to the transition email you sent last session.
  2. Ratios Task – Have a go at the ratios maths task from this post. You will need to use your Ultranet password. Ask for help if you need it.
  3. Simple Machines – Have a go at the Simple Machines game from this post. Make sure you read the information as you play the game and record some short dot points on the different types of machines and what they do (think about which procedure will help you to do this!). Pick two of the simple machines and record, in a comment on that post, a fact about each of those machines.

Writing Task

Today’s writing focus is on drawing together the skills we have been learning in writing over the last term. Before beginning, take some time to write a plan for your story. Then you can start writing. Remember to think about:

  • having a sizzling start
  • having a problem/event occur in the story (and building the tension to it)
  • using plenty of description to set the scene and mood for the story (but no adjective overload!)
  • Before submitting your story, remember to edit your work and ensure it is of decent quantity and quality.

As a prompt for your story, use the idea…

A new student has joined our class. But something isn’t quite right about them…

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