My book that I have chosen is HOLES

I think HOLES is a great and exciting book to read because  it has a twist in it and thats not all the exciting bit that goes on in HOLES. Stanly Yelnats is a boy that had shoes fallin from the sky and hit stanly in the head and the police seen Stanly running with a pair of shoes and the police find out that they are stolin so he gets arrested and has to go to camp green lake for his consequences. so you won’t exspect what will happen next.

 Anyone who reads this you should read this book because it is a  great book to read its a adventure book and its exciting. Stanly first has to go to camp green lake  for 18 months and dig HOLES  to build character. in the middle of the book zero his freind does somthing wronge and runs away so stanly goes after zero to bring him back , when they come back they get them self into a bit of trouble but i’m not going to tell you what happens next.!

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