Today’s Writing Task

For today’s writing task you need to send me an email, rather than posting a comment on the blog. First you will need to log in to your email account.

Your email should be written just like a letter, with a greeting, introduction, paragraphs and a conclusion. It is a formal piece of writing and should not be written in txt tlk.

Grade 6’s – Last term at a class meeting we started talking about transition. What are you most looking forward to about year seven? What are you worried about? What would you like to know more about? Do you have any questions, or things you’d like to ask and don’t want to ask in front of others?

Grade 5’s – What are you looking forward to in Grade 6? What are your hopes and fears? Do you have any questions? Are you interested in running for team captain and if so, why?

Once your letter is complete, please complete the assigned activities on Mathletics.

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