WOW Production


Production 013 (Large)

This is a photo of Me, Tai and Lara



I was so nervous I had to do a production with 220 people are watching this production. I had butterfly’s, I was so nervous, what were people thinks about it at this point was it bad or was it the best production in the world. Did I muck up every act. As I walked on stage for the opening number I smelt the heat from the lights was that a bad thing . Also I was touching other peoples clothes as people were poshing me into other people. As the Opening act started I could see the bright lights shinning onto the stage. When the Opening act started we had to make our way backstage to get out props for number 49. When act 50 finished and there was a black out we had to put 21 chairs on stage in the time that Bert Newton ( Kelly or Amber) were talking about the scene. All of a sudden the lights came on and we where ready to go chairs where set and we where in out seats. When we started I could smell the food being eaten in the audiencethe food smelt YUMMY



Written by Olivia

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