Sarah’s fantastic expirence

50-1 Production (3) (Large)

It’s the first production today, and I have already been on stage for the opening number, the school and even Tipperary. But now we are up to the Wright brother Transport factory. I am meant trow era green flowered pants and a white shirt but I accidentally got into my black pants and black vest, so I changed back. When I got onto the stage we forgot to get the banana from Kelly, so we had to do without it.
As soon as we got onto the stage to set up what we needed for the production, Kelly was starting her Bert lines, and it was really hard to set up, because of where we were, it was pitch black, as black as cowl. When the lights came back on us the spotlight was really light and I mean really light. After I said my Transport lines we all went over to the corner non the stage, but we were playing with the pipes. I think we were trying to build a steering weal. But that’s just my perspective.

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