A Production Always has Torture.

As soon as I steped onto the stage I could just feel thoughs nerves bubbling inside me and as I bubbled there I could feel that sickness OH NO I think i’m  going to puke. That sound of the audience filling the thearte, who knows what torture is going to be next, me mucking up the intro, me slipping off the stage. Here goes nothing. Quick sing in time and in tune but as fast as it will go so it can finish. Finally its all over and finished. OHNO any more torture. The school scene and I have to wear a long skirt, What happens if I trip over in it while walking and break something. BREAK something once again just more torture for me. OK I got to stay composed. Maybe the school scene isn’t that badI just want this production to end so FINALLY I can get some sleep and not be so tired. OH will this torture ever end?

You will always have torture in a production and aspecially NERVES!

Created and written by Caitlin

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