Bert Newton First Lines!

Bert Newtons First Lines!

I waited in the darkness of the off prompt for the opening number to end. I can`t believe it’s our first night already! The excitement and anxiousness that I was feeling were so strong I couldn’t tell one from the other. The deep breathes I took did little to help this. I scanned the stage with my eyes and I saw the joyful and smiling faces of the people singing. Smile, I thought to myself. Make sure you smile when you’re out there. I had been giving myself pep talks in the past few minutes to make sure I could, no would do everything I could do to perfect my lines. The song was coming to an end so I took more deep breathes and ran through my lines…again. Then black out. My eyes widened. It was my turn to get on the stage. I walked some rushed and crowded steps to reach my destination which was the right side of the stage. I waited for the lights. By then I had a million worries going through my mind but I tried to block them out and focus on what I was about to say and do. The last words I said before the spotlight found me was just have fun. Everything will be fine, just have fun! I took a deep breath… then another. Then I spoke the words I had spent weeks trying to memorise
“Hello, I’m Bert Newton…”
As I walked back off stage I felt ready for the rest of then nights acts. I couldn’t wait!

By Kelly

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